Audience & Press Quotes


“Jazz flute like it should be! Pitch Plot Four at The Jazz Loft: Incredible!!!” (FB: Tom Manuel, The Jazz loft, Stony Brook NY, USA)

“Pitch Plot 4 knocked us out!” (FB: Lisa Monvignier at Jazzclub Bonafide, NYC)

“What an incredible concert last night with Pitch Plot 4!! Absolutely brilliant!! What a show! Absolutely amazing performance!” (FB: Anne-Marie, Oak Mountain Hideaway House Concerts, Frenchville PA, USA)

“Great memories – this fantastic band was playing at the Literatur Café in Biel – it was awesome!!”(FB: Regula Cajacob, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland)

“There is an exceptional energy and click between these four great musicians” (Aad van Nieuwkerk, Amsterdam, NL)

Pure dynamite!…..spectacular, driving and swinging rhythm section (Witte and Cammack) formed the backbone of exciting and technically perfect solos of Pek and Pabst” (Draaiomjeoren jazz-weblog NL/B)

Excellent Performancenice vibe…” (FB: Edsel L Hocker Jr. @ Treme, Sayville, NY)

“Pitch Plot 4 has its own sound. Unison played themes by flute and piano are interspersed with collective riffs and spicy solos. Definitely inspired by the music of the 70’s, the band sounds solid, full of energy and holds attention throughout the whole concert.” (Ugenda, concert review Brebl, Nijmegen, NL)

“I am very impressed with the artistic output of the multi-national group “Pitch Plot 4”. Not only as recording artists but even more so as performers they present innovative original music of the highest quality. Performances by “Pitch Plot 4” for our station, most recently a live performance in one of the most well-known jazz clubs in Holland if not Europe –Nick Vollebregt’s Jazz Café, Laren (NL)-, where we present a monthly show, met with enthusiastic response from both the audience present in the club as well form our listeners” (Co de Kloet, presenter & producer Dutch Radio NTR)

“Apart from an impressive reputation as performers, Pitch Plot 4 was very successful in their master classes/clinics on my conservatory in Tilburg as well as on many other international conservatories of music” (Martyn Smits, Director Academy for Music & Performance Arts, Fontys, Tilburg NL)

“Within 3 years Pitch Plot 4 became an internationally recognized quartet with an outstanding reputation as well for the audience as for the professionals in the field of music” (Kurt Overbergh, Artistic Director ‘Ancienne Belgique’ Brussels, Belgium)

A true honour to have those internationally renowned musicians in our venue, even more so because two of the tracks on their live CD ‘Big Eyebrow” were recorded during the concert in our club!” (Dominique Parnaud, President Jazz-au-Caveau, Caunes-Minervois, France)

A high level master-class on our conservatory! I am very impressed by the artistic output of Pitch Plot 4. Not only as recording artists but even more so as live performers and educators. They present innovative original music of the highest quality and represent a very inspiring way of working together. On the international scale a great value to the audience as well as a nice example of a contemporary working-band for the next generation” (Michiel Braam, Director Artez Conservatory Jazz Department, Arnhem, NL)

“Their high artistic output and buzzing tour schedule, not to mention their enlightening educational projects, make them one of Europe’s top acts in jazz. On top of that they are very outreaching and accessible to the audience in a non-mundane way” (Christian Boguslawski, programmer at Contrabaix, Barcelona, Catalunia, Spain)

“A high level line up with internationally recognized significant artistic achievements!” (Simon Petermann, Host Jazz @ Radio RaBe, Bern, Switzerland)

Great show…. great group… great time!!!! (Bonafide gig)” (FB: Joshshina Atlene McGlotten, NYC, USA)

The best Jazz-Rock band of Europe with Flute-master Jeroen Pek, Key-master Christian Pabst, Bass….Beast James Cammack and Drum-master Onno Witte. An Unforgettable Concert it was!” (FB: Frank Ong Alok, Programmer Luxor Jazz, Zutphen, NL)

A great concert, such energy, fantastic!!” (FB: Elsbeth de Kort @ Concert Tivoli/Vredenburg, Utrecht, NL)

I am sure it will be the best tour you have ever seen & heard. Great, great show guy’s , serious great show and that is a fact…….” (FB: Johan Veenman, NL)

Great band!!!!” (FB: Co De Kloet, NL)

SUPER CONCERT!!!!!” (FB: Gerald Moniez, Programmer Jazz-au-Caveau, Caunes Minervois, France)

“Thanks Jeroen Pek, Jim Cammack, Onno Witte and Christian Papst: was a great concert & I enjoyed seeing you enjoy the music!! Hope to see soon back in Barcelona. (Katja Steffens @ concert Contrabiax, Barcelona)

Extremely good concert!!!!” (FB: Charlotte Lopuhaä @ concert Tivoli/Vredenburg, Utrecht, NL)

“Again a more than enjoyable from the first to the last minute!” (FB: Sandra Bouckaert @ concert Tivoli/Vredenburg, Utrecht NL).

“James Cammack was at Club Bonafide with the quartet Pitch Plot 4. This impressive group of international jazz cats has been on tour and getting great reviews. They’ve all authored tunes with rhythms, musical twists & turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and get you your groove back! They’re super talented & wonderful gents, all of them.
If you get a chance, go and see them!” (Lisa Monvignier at Jazzclub Bonafide, NYC)


“An excellent live CD of one of the most interesting bands from The Netherlands. With an armada of flutes, Pek is one of the most fascinating flute-voices in jazz…..Agile and imaginative soloing…no fear of “dirty-smokey”, slanting, synthetically alienated sounds”
(Angela Ballhorn, Jazzthetik (Germany), Jazz‘n’More (Switzerland)

“undeniably “Big Eyebow” emerged as a quality CD… all preferences are fusing to a curiously making entirety… a cd that will appeal to a wide audience” (, The Netherlands)

**** “A huge variation of timbre and style elements… a post-modal approach of harmony and soloing” (Jazzism Magazine, The Netherlands)

No ego stuff, they just play the right tone at the right place that contributes to exciting, adventurous and exciting music” (Mattie Poels, Music Frames)

“An amazing spirited and high level quartet… Pek takes the listener to the corners of his sound universe…striking role for James Cammack, what a drive!” (Muziekwereld, Magazine of the Dutch musicians union)

“Pitch Plot 4 makes the listener part of an adventure… a wide array of dynamics between acoustic subtleties and gritty jazz-rock” (Fluit, magazine of the Dutch flute association)

“A very varied album… Music in which the melody is paramount, and the musicians tell a story with a head and a tail… very energetic and enthusiastic” (, Belgium/Netherlands)

“Their latest CD has been very positively reviewed on this blog and in other media, thanks to the outstanding performance of the group, the four members and the great variety of musical styles they show on this album. They are of great value for Dutch jazz music, but also, due to the international line-up, for the rest of the world. Their unique sound, in which they combine jazz, world-music and pop, has a great attraction to a broad public and deserves it to be heard by much more people” (Ben Taffijn, jazz journalist, The Netherlands)



translation in ENG:
Solid quartet creates turbulent concert
Pitch Plot 4, Friday, March 17, 2017, Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht

The U-Jazz association fills the gap that has left the renowned SJU Jazz Podium Utrecht. Jazz is not profitable without subsidies and a few years ago the town council of Utrecht cut the support resolutely. Meanwhile a temple of music has been build, Vredenburg especially for classical and pop music. Yet there is also a spot for jazz lovers located in the ridge of the imposing building. The U-Jazz Club organizes – aloft – on many Friday evenings jazz concerts by prominent, especially Dutch jazz ensembles.

And this evening a concert by the international quartet Pitch Plot 4 of flutist Jeroen Pek. The concert of this quartet, with German pianist Christian Pabst, American bassist James Cammack and drummer Onno Witte, was pure dynamite. Funky, swinging, groovy jazz, played by musicians who are individually of extremely high level. The compositions were solely the works of all the members of the quartet.

The interplay and individual solos were of exceptionally high standard. A spectacular, driving and swinging rhythm section (Witte and Cammack) formed the backbone of exciting and technically perfect solos of Pek and Pabst. The few solos by bassist James Cammack were very brilliant and spectacular. Drummer Onno Witte has an excellent funky and groovy approach to the music and – next to the music – he showed himself as an original and most humorous ringmaster.

Recently, this band released a CD, “Big Eyebrow. I would recommend purchasing it!
(, Jazz-Weblog, Belgium/Netherlands)