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PITCH PLOT 4, intitiated by Dutch/French jazz flautist Jeroen Pek is, like most of his recent projects, a multi-national line up with the focus on exchange, adventure and dynamics in its broadest sense.

The group is touring internationally since 2014. Playing original compositions of all members, this fine set of top musicians developed an extraordinary musical- and personal ‘click’. Energy, joy, mutual respect, curiosity and an open mind being much the main ingredients to reach this common ground. With this chemistry they found the key to the hearts of many listeners and they can reach that in any seize of venue, no matter how complex the music.

Pitch Plot 4 recorded in 2015 the first live CD “Big Eyebrow” (ZenneZ Records) which has been released in May 2016. This American/Dutch group contains a set of remarkable features.

One of the most striking feature is the New York based bass player James Cammack. For almost thirty years James has been touring (and recording) as the permanent bass player of piano legend Ahmad Jamal all over our planet. Next to that he worked with international stars such as Youssou n’Dour. Working with PITCH PLOT 4 can be considered as unique and even historic. It is after all the first time James collaborates with European musicians. James is known for his driving bass playing, virtuosity and incomparable own “voice” both on double bass and bass guitars.

Because of combining power play with a wide array of dynamics and his incomparable sound, Jeroen Pek is internationally known as one of the leading jazz flautists of today. He toured and recorded in many countries with his own groups (Jeroen Pek Quartet, PitchWhiteStorm, 6 Spoons, 1 Kitchen) and with international exchange line ups such as Gerard Pansanel (F), Giulia Valle (Sp), Simone Sou (BRAS.), Nabil Khemir (TUN), Fathy Salama (EG). Twice he became finalist of the composition contest of the prestigious Thelonious Monk Intitute of Jazz in Washington D.C. (US).

Dutch drummer Onno Witte is a musical omnivore with a vast reputation. He has been touring the planet with a wide array of projetcs (batucada group Medicamento, Randal Corsen’s Cross Curents, jazz-rock bands such as PitchWhiteStorm and Alter Ego, acoustic jazz such as WO IV, Jonn Reyna and Jeroen Pek Quartet). His own project, Wildcard, with guest player such as the German saxophonist Volker Winck, is one of the striking high-lights in his career. The two cd’s of this band, ‘Adventures vol.1 & vol.2’ were highly appreciated by press and audiences.

Pianist/Keyboardist Tony Roe began playing the piano at the age of 6. He studied classical piano at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Driven by a strong interest in music technology and electronics he enrolled at the School of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University and joined classes in Music Technology at the High school of Arts in Utrecht. Meanwhile he performed as keyboard player and sound designer in several bands.
In 2002 Tony moved to the Conservatory of Amsterdam. He graduated in 2009 as performing jazz pianist with a “10 with distinction” (A++). Tony’s efforts to incorporate electronics into live jazz performance and to cross the borders with contemporary classical music began at the Conservatory. Since 2010 Tony is following the doctoral program in musical arts – docARTES – organized by the Orpheus Institute in Gent, Belgium. His research aims at finding new ways of improvising in jazz music with visuals and other media that are fully interactive with the music. For his innovative work with his piano-trio ‘Tin Men and the Telephone’, Tony was awarded the prestigious North Sea Jazz Composition Assignment 2014.

Pianist Christian Pabst was with Pitch Plot 4 until mid 2017. He is now the pianist of singer/performer Sven Ratzke.

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La sortie de CD “Big Eyebrow” en direct en Europe (ZenneZ Records)

Jeroen Pek – Flûte en C, alto, basse, Educci et Zoo
James Cammack – contrebasse double et contrebasse en E (Ahmad Jamal, Youssou n’Dour)
Tony Roe – piano et clés
Onno Witte – voix et batterie

“Big Eyebow” est un beau et puissant CD qui fera appel à un large public “(jazznu, NL)
**** “Une variation énorme des éléments de timbre et de style …… une approche post-modale” (Jazzism, NL)
“Une énergie exceptionnelle et un clic mutuel … faisant du public une aventure, quelle que soit la taille du lieu”. (Aad van Nieuwkerk, Radio nationale VPRO / Vrije Geluiden, Pays-Bas).
“Un quatuor étonnamment fougueux et de haut niveau … .Pek emmène l’auditeur aux coins de son univers sonore … James Cammack, quelle aventure!” (Muziekwereld, magazine du syndicat des musiciens néerlandais)
Tout entre les subtilités acoustiques et le jazz-rock argileux “(Fluit, magazine de l’Association Néerlandaise de Flûtes)
“Un album très varié qui plaira à un large public (…) Musique dans laquelle la mélodie est primordiale et les musiciens racontent une histoire d’une tête et d’une queue … toutes très énergiques et enthousiastes” (Draaiomjeoren , Magazine de jazz néerlandais / belge)

PITCH PLOT 4 est un collectif de musiciens européens et américains initié par le flûtiste de jazz néerlandais, Jeroen Pek avec le pianiste allemand, Christian Pabst, le batteur néerlandais, Onno Witte et le bassiste de New York, James Cammack, qui faisait partie depuis plus de 30 ans de la section rythmique de Légende du piano Ahmad Jamal.

En tournée internationalement depuis 2014, ce groupe de musiciens et de compositeurs exceptionnels a développé un extraordinaire «clic» musical et personnel. Cela se traduit par d’énormes performances dynamiques et énergiques. Avec cette chimie, en jouant leurs compositions originales, ils ont trouvé la clef au coeur de l’auditeur.

Pendant la tournée européenne en mai 15, le premier CD “Big Eyebrow” de PITCH PLOT 4 a été enregistré: en direct en Europe (ZenneZ Records). Depuis le lancement en mai ’16, le groupe est en tournée internationale pour promouvoir “Big Eyebrow”.

En septembre / octobre ’16, PITCH PLOT 4 a été en tournée aux Pays-Bas, en Suisse, en Allemagne et en Italie.
Au cours de la tournée du printemps 17, le groupe jouera dans l’UE et aux États-Unis!